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Listening To Holy Quran and Healing of Diseases and 3d nls health analyzer

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3d nls health analyzer ebay

listening To Holy Quran and Healing of Diseases

The Holy Quran that is the religious book of Muslims contains a lot of scientific wonders and description of events that human beings never knew before. Among all these miracles, an important miracle of Holy Quran is the healing powers of this great book. There are numerous verses in Quran that illustrate that this book is a source of spiritual and physical healing for those who believe. Allah says in Holy Quran,

them and Allah will punish them by your hands cover them with shame, help 3d nls health analyzer ebay you (to victory) over them, heal the breasts of Believers. (9:14)

Recently, scientists were conduction a research in the USA about the use of music therapy for curing various diseases. These scientists believed that music can program the brain cells and as a result one can get rid

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of many chronic diseases. Unfortunately, the results of this study were quite disappointing for the scientists. However, another study proved the rhythm produced by recitation of Holy Quran can have positive effects on cells and therefore can be used to cure fatal diseases like colon cancers, brain tumors and many other diseases.

Other Benefits of listening to Holy Quran:

Apart from above mentioned benefits, recitation of Quran enhances the strength and energy as well. Furthermore, it also stimulates the immune system and that in turn provides resistance against various life threatening 3d nls health analyzer ebay disorders.

In addition to healing powers, listening to Holy Quran improves the character and subsequently dealing with people also. The Holy Quran makes a man more creative and productive and in turn a better human being for himself as well as for society. Therefore, it is the 3d nls health analyzer ebay duty of every Muslim to learn and recite Holy Quran and make their children do so as well. If you cannot find an experienced Quran instructor, learning Quran online is another great method to accustom one to the message enclosed by Quran and the ultimate benefits it offers to entire humanity.

Some Scientific Facts about Holy Quran:

In the mid of the nineteenth century, biologists discovered that human brain reacts to the different sound frequencies and with the passage of time adapt differently to different sound waves. Furthermore, they also stated the human brain is in a state of constant vibration according to the outer sound frequencies. It clearly means that any major 3d nls health analyzer ebay accident or mishap can adversely affect the systems of brain and subsequently can lead to permanent brain paralyses and even death.

The best and most effective medicine to cure such disorders is not the sound therapy but the last divine book of Allah, the Holy Quran. It has been observed in the recent past that many patients who were considered untreatable obtained perfect health after they were exposed to the recitation of Holy Quran. It happens only because this wonder book not only contains things of

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knowledge and wisdom but also the 3d nls health analyzer ebay healing powers that can bring human cells back into order.

The above article is just a small piece of information about the healing wonders of Quran that the modern science has also endorsed through constant researches. As a fact of matter, Holy Quran provides complete and perfect guidance about all aspects of human life and the medicines is only one of them 3d nls health analyzer ebay.



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