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Lora Somoza’s Profile by 3d nls colombia

3d nls colombia

3d nls colombia

lora Somoza’s Profile

Often referred to as the “West Coast Carrie Bradshaw” or the “Naughty Dear Abby, Lora Somoza is a sex educator 3d nls colombia and advice columnist.

Currently, Lora writes an online sex advice column that goes out bi-weekly to over 30,000 loyal readers all over the world with circulation growing everyday. Known for her blunt, straight talk laced with her own brand of humor, her readers are fiercely loyal followers. After spending seven years working in the film industry honing 3d nls colombia her skills in script development, she turned her talents towards freelance journalism writing articles for various online magazines. The result is her e-book, “Bliss in the Bedroom: A Real Woman’s Guide to Better Sex,

Lora says, “The most important skill you need to master in bed is communication. 3d nls colombia This is where all problems stem from and where all can be solved. The

3d nls colombia

mass majority of challenges couples face is the overwhelming fear of addressing what they really need or what they are really feeling in the bedroom. Learning how to express your needs or concerns in a constructive way and

3d nls colombia

keep 3d nls colombia a sense of humor it will create a deeper intimacy than you’ve ever had before,

She has appears on numerous radio shows Including the weekly DAMAGE REPORT on www. She resides in Los Angeles and continues to write on the topics of love 3d nls colombia and sex. “Women have two g-spots, the one between their legs and the one between their ears, 3d nls colombia.



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